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My name is Rachel Njeri; certified sports nutritionist, nutrition coach and owner of Lean Meals. Never in a million years could I have imagined that what would start off as a personal wellness challenge would eventually lead me to a new passion and career. My life changed when I realized that our food choices are a big part of how we look and feel and after experiencing the transformational power of good nutrition in my own life I made up my mind to immerse myself in it, master it and teach it to others. What I have learnt since, both through my own experience and through coaching different clients, is that the best results are not found in any one particular diet but in ‘CONSISTENCY’. My approach is simple; I teach you how to create healthy food habits that you can sustain because it is the best way to looking and feeling your best.

Lean Meals is a nutrition consultancy that promotes well being by teaching what good nutrition looks like in the context of our everyday lives. We promote a balanced approach to food with a focus on translating healthy eating into habits and practices that are both practical and sustainable.