So you’ve been good all week and can’t wait for the weekend so you can cheat! Yap, cheat days are a real thing with a lot of dieters and calorie counting folk. The formula; watch your calories all week then splurge on the weekend. Which sounds pretty good until cheat days turn into cheat weeks or cheat months and before you know it you are right where you started - x number of kilos overweight and not happy about it. I think it’s the negative connotation that comes with the word ‘cheating’ that riddles you with guilt right after that third slice of pizza or cake and sends you on a downward binging spiral. My advise, if you’re not ready for the emotional turmoil that comes with cheating, then put down the fork and step away from the slice of cake!

But seriously, is cheating a bad idea or does it keep you sane?

I believe the occasional treat can keep you healthier both emotionally and physically. That’s because I am of the belief that there’s no such thing as bad food just bad food habits. Knowing you can look forward to a slice of cake - or whatever gets your taste buds screaming with happiness - over the weekend can keep you motivated to eat clean during the week. A balanced approach and one that encourages consistency is where you eat a foundation of healthy foods and give yourself permission to enjoy a little indulgence at least once or twice a week without labelling it or feeling a certain type of way about it.

Do you allow yourself ‘cheat days’, and what’s your favourite treat?

Eat better. Live better.