Everyone’s busy! Whether you are a mum or working full time, it can be hard (or absolutely impossible!) to prepare all of your meals everyday. This is where meal preparation - popularly known as ‘meal prep’ - can help you stay on track with your nutrition goals by reducing your chances of eating convenience or fast foods which often happens when we get busy or caught out without food. In those moments, we tend to care less about what we eat and it becomes about grabbing whatever food is available.

Meal prep can mean different things to different people so it’s important to figure out what works for you. It could mean making sure your meat and vegetables are washed, cut and portioned out in advance so that when you get home it’s easier to whip up a meal. It could be portioning out your nuts and fruits in advance for your snacks or even preparing complete meals in advance so you always have a ready meal on hand. The idea is to make it easier for yourself to eat healthier during the week by saving you time in the kitchen.

When it comes to eating healthy, strategy trumps willpower every time and having a plan makes eating healthy less stressful and more sustainable.

Eat better. Live better.