What is the 'best diet'?

This is a question I get quite often. It’s usually from someone who wants to get in shape but a) doesn’t know where to begin, or b) is looking for the fastest way there!

Personally I don't believe there’s a 'best diet' for everyone, and any time someone asks me about my thoughts on a diet that they might be considering my first response is often a question; “Do you see yourself eating like this for the rest of your life?”. If their answer is anything other than a resounding “Yes”, my advise to them is that they maybe need to consider something different.

By asking yourself this same question, a number of factors come into play. For example, what foods you like and prefer, what foods you have access to, the size of your weekly or monthly food budget, your body type, how well you metabolize different foods etc. Even your daily schedule matters since it affects how much time you have to put your meals together.

There are a number of different nutrition camps out there - paleo, vegans, raw food enthusiasts, detox believers etc - but good nutrition is actually more similar than it is different. A good diet is one that encourages a variety of whole, minimally processed, nutrient-rich foods. Just by getting more nutrients we start to feel better and perform better which may lead us to start praising a particular diet for it’s rejuvenating powers when in fact, this is just the body’s natural reaction to getting what it needs. A good diet also encourages regular exercise for better heart health so should provide you with enough energy to support your activity of choice. You can be healthy and fit whether you eat mostly meat or mostly vegetables, mostly fats or mostly carbohydrates, eat many times a day or a few times a day. There isn't any one diet that's perfect for everyone.

The best diet for YOU however is one that - in addition to promoting whole food and regular exercise - allows you to be consistent because in your quest for a body you feel good in consistency is the only way you will win.

Eat better. Live better.