1. How does the lean meals app work?

    Once you enter your details, the lean meals app uses the updated Harris-Benedict Equation (revised in 1984 by Roza and Shizgal) to calculate your calorie (energy) needs and generates a meal plan customized to your goals. For weight-loss, the app estimates a 20% caloric deficit and for muscle gain, a 10% caloric surplus.

  2. Can I choose my own calorie class?

    Should you want to pick a specific calorie class you can do so under the switch calories option.

  3. Can I switch between different plans?

    Yes. However you need to have followed any of the plans for atleast 7 days before switching to a new plan.

  4. Does the app have vegetarian, vegan or gluten free options?

    The lean meals app offers meal swap options that offer meal alternatives for meat, eggs, dairy and even wheat.

  5. Does the app have a vegan keto option?

    At the moment we do not have a vegan keto option.

  6. Can I use cooking oil in my meals?

    Healthy fats are a necessary component of any healthy eating plan. However, the amount and quality of cooking oil we use can drastically change the calorie count and nutritional value of our meals. Foods on the plans should be blanched, sautéed, grilled, baked or lightly fried in healthy cooking oil. For the exact amount of oil allowable in preparation of a particular meal we have used the term ‘(for cooking)’ to guide you.

  7. Am I allowed beverages?

    Water, black tea / coffee and herbal teas add no calories to your meals and can be had throughout the day. However, too much caffeine can cause adverse effects like caffeine jitters, acid stomach, and anxiety.

  8. Can I meal prep?

    Our meal plan option allows you to plan your meals at the start of your week and generates a weekly shopping list to help you plan your weekly grocery shopping. However, we also offer ‘Lean Meals In A Box’ where we deliver your weekly meals, prepped. We use only the freshest produce and include a weekly recipe cards to help you prepare tasty, healthy meals. Please not that this service is not automatically included in the app and requires an additional subscription.

  9. Can I have my meals delivered?

    Lean meals does not have a meal delivery service, we however deliver prepped meals through our ‘Lean Meals In A Box’ service. Please note that this service is only available if you reside in Nairobi city.

  10. Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes. However please ensure that you do so atleast 24 hours before the auto renew date to avoid being charged for a new cycle. Cancelling after a payment cycle has begun doesn’t allow for a refund. After cancellation your account will still remain active until the period you had paid for expires. You can