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As a nutrition coach I work with different clients with very different goals to find the best nutrition plan for each of them. Those goals have sometimes been losing weight, gaining muscle, maintaining body weight but changing body composition, improving athletic performance or simply wanting to be healthier. Unlike a diet, my coaching program focuses on creating habits rather than restrictions. It's about breaking your goals into small strategic daily habits and practices that are practical and sustainable in the context of your everyday life. It’s also about having someone to guide you and hold you accountable in your journey to a better you! If you struggle with conventional diets and want a different approach that can help you create healthy consistent food habits - this program is for you. 

  • INITIAL CONSULT (90 MINUTES): Think of it as a first date! We chat about your lifestyle, goals, roadblocks to success you might be struggling with and come up with a comprehensive action plan.

  • 3 FOLLOW-UP SESSIONS (45 MINUTES): Accountability, motivation, and support related to previously established goals as well as development of any necessary modifications. Follow-ups can include interactive components such as cooking lessons or grocery store trips.

The coaching program lasts four weeks with one session per week. The sessions are informal, casual in dress and confidential. They can also be over telephone or skype. Initial consult is Kshs 5,000/ and follow-up sessions are Kshs 2,500/. Payments are made through M-pesa and are due prior to our meeting or scheduled call. There is no penalty for rescheduling although rescheduling more than once could lead to termination of engagement. Kindly note your payment is 100% non-refundable if you need to cancel before our session.

Basic package includes unlimited email and text message access in between sessions. Additional follow-up sessions are available as needed.


“My mum needed to lose some weight and because of a health condition that restricted her movement she couldn’t exercise much. Within 2 months of working with Rachel my mum had lost almost 10 kgs just through us learning how to measure out her portions. We didn’t put her on any special diet but learnt instead how to built healthy balanced meals around everyday wholesome Kenyan foods. Despite not being able to exercise as much as she used to, she is healthier and lighter than she’s ever been.”

~Wambui Mungai~

“I’m eating more than I have in a long time and the crazy thing is I am losing weight! Before meeting with Rachel I had tried all kinds of restrictive diets but would always gain back the weight once I got off the diet! I was also constantly hungry from eating so little in my attempt to melt the kilos off. This program has definitely changed my relationship with food for the better and I’m honestly quite pleased with the progress I’ve made. I’m no longer interested in short term diets but in making this a lifestyle.”

~Joyce Njeri~

If you’re interested in engaging me for the above kindly contact me below with the subject COACHING.